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The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) or Alberta Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most sought after provincial nomination programs in Canada. The selection process of AINP is similar to other provincial programs and depends on the Federal Express Entry Program to nominate skilled and educated candidates for immigration.

Alberta Immigration authority is the largest immigration body in the province and deals exclusively with the entry of foreign immigrants with a PR visa into the state.

AINP is subject to change with passing time. AINP consists of following immigration streams:

Alberta Opportunity Stream: This stream allows the individuals who meet eligibility requirements and are working in Alberta in an eligible occupation to apply for an AINP provincial nomination.

Alberta Express Entry stream: This stream allows the Government of Alberta to nominate eligible candidates from the Express Entry system.

Self Employed Farmer Stream: This stream allows individuals from farming experience to purchase and develop a farm in Alberta and apply for permanent residence.

The streams that are expired and no further application will be accepted are:

Employer-Driven Stream

Strategic Recruitment Stream

Eligibility Requirements:

The requirement for the AINP is that the applicant:

Should have a job offer letter for full time

Should have basic work experience as required by employment from Alberta employer

Should meet the language requirement

Should have a legitimate work permit and relevant documents

Must identify their occupation as per the NOC categories –O, A and B

Must attain a Labor Market Impact Assessment confirmation letter

Application Procedure

Applicants looking to move to Canada will have to go through the channels available to potential immigrants to successfully apply for immigration. The application can be done online. Once the nomination is accepted, apply for permanent residence through IRCC. The Government of Canada makes the final decision on Permanent resident.

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