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The economic growth of British Columbia depends on skilled and qualified workers to meet labor market needs. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) allows high-demand foreign workers and experienced entrepreneurs to gain permanent residency in British Columbia.

The BC PNP offers 3 ways to become PR in BC. Each of these has different categories depending on the National Occupational Classification skill level, job requirement, and international student status.

Skills Immigration

Skills Immigration is for skilled and semi-skilled workers who are in high demand in British Columbia. The process involves registering and applying online for BC PNP and also a paper application process for PR. Skilled workers should have work experience. Entry-level and Semi-skilled category applicants should have BC work experience. But depending upon the ob offered the international recent graduates of a Canadian university or college would not need any work experience.

Skills immigration is sub-categorized as below:

Skilled Worker Category: This category is for individuals with several years of experience in their skill and education and who have received the skilled occupation job offer.

Healthcare Professional Category: This category is for an individual with experience and an eligible job offer as a physician, nurse, psychiatric professionals, and other healthcare professionals.

International Graduate Category: This category is for graduates with a Masters or Doctoral degree from eligible Canadian university or college within the last three years.

International Post-Graduate Category: This category is for graduates with a Masters or Doctoral degree from an eligible educational institution in British Columbia in the natural, applied or health science programs.

Entry Level and Semi-skilled Worker Category: In this category, the workers in certain entry-level or semi-skilled positions in tourism, hospitality, food processing or those in entry-level or semi-skilled position living and working in Northeast Development Region of British Columbia

Express Entry British Columbia

Express Entry BC should qualify for a federal economic immigration program but it is an easier way for eligible skilled workers to move to British Columbia. It uses a points-based invitation system and is a web-based registration and application process for both BC PNP and PR processing.

The following Skills Immigration categories may be processed through Express Entry British Columbia:

Skilled Worker Category

Health Care Professional Category

International Graduate Category

International Post-Graduate Category

Entrepreneur Immigration: The Entrepreneur Immigration stream is for entrepreneurs who want to manage a business in British Columbia.

Entrepreneur Immigration Category: This category is for senior managers or business owners who intend to invest funds in business in British Columbia.

Entrepreneur Immigration: Regional Pilot — This category is for international entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business in British Columbia.

Strategic Projects Category: This category is for foreign-controlled companies who want to set up an operation in British Columbia.

Requirement Eligibility:

To qualify for BC PNP, the applicant must:

I have accepted a full-time, job offer from a British Columbia employer. The job must be in a National Occupational Classification skilled occupation – skill type 0 or skill level A or B

Have a wage offer in line with British Columbia wage rates for the occupation

Have relevant years of related work experience

Show you can support yourself and your dependents

Should have legal immigration status in Canada

Should meet minimum language requirements

Application procedure:

To start the process, the applicant should create a profile with an online application and registration system, BC PNP Online. After submitting the registration, the applicant will receive a score based on the skills and job and acceptance of the nomination letter. Once the nomination is accepted, apply for permanent residence through IRCC. The Government of Canada makes the final decision on Permanent resident.

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