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Dependent Sponsorship

If you have a dependent family member, you can bring them to Canada to live with you. The Government of Canada is committed to keeping families together. Hence, they have a dependence sponsorship program for Canadian citizens and immigrants who are permanent residents of Canada. If you’re a permanent resident of Canada and is of 18 years age or above then you can sponsor your dependent spouse, children, parents, grandparents, spouse, common-law, and conjugal partners.

Visa processing time: For spouse dependent work permit, the processing time is approximately 60 to 90 days.

Visa processing fee: The visa processing fee is CAD 75 for sponsorship Application fee per applicant principal applicant processing fee (CAD 475) and right of permanent residence fee (CAD 490).

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for a dependent visa the Canada Government has set the below rules:

Dependent children below 22 years of age

Dependent children should not have a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner

The dependent child has to be financially dependent on the parent and has to provide proof

The dependent child should be either biological or adopted

Through a dependent visa you can sponsor:

Parent and grandparents

A child adopted outside of Canada while you are staying in Canada with permanent residence

If you don’t have a spouse, children and parents, you can sponsor any family member

Documents needed: Gather all your documents before you begin your application process. The below-mentioned checklist will help you to have your documents in place.

Proof of relationship with the dependent

Police record

Medical examination record was done by a physician approved by the Canadian government

Valid passport

If any of the documents are not in English / French, you need to submit a certified copy of the originals, English or French translation and an affidavit from the person who will do the transcription

Remember to sign all your documents, or else your application will be returned

Don’t forget to check the country specific requirements


Avoid these common mistakes:

Always check country-specific requirements before submitting your application. Each country has its own specific requirements and your application might be returned or rejected if these criteria are not met

For some countries, original documents are needed. In case your country needs original documents, don’t submit photocopies

Don’t use staples, plastic sleeves, binders, folders or albums to submit your documents. Elastic bands and paper clips are acceptable

If you’re applying for a dependent child who is a minor, then you’ll need to sign all the documents on his/her behalf

Keep the documents handy that you’ll need to show at a Canadian port of entry

How we can help you?

Our in-house IRCC approved and registered Canadian Immigration Consultants guide you throughout the application process, they monitor and keep you posted on the latest status for your application.

We will be your authorized representatives at IRCC representing you throughout the case lifecycle. You can shift your focus on your travel preparation while we progress your case to the subsequent stages.

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