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Entrepreneur-visa program or the start-up program is designed for supporting the aspiring and dynamic entrepreneurs around the world, to help them build or expand their business in Canada. And also for those who are willing to invest in or acquire a business in Canada. The business opportunity should create at least one new job for Canadian citizen or permanent resident or maintain employment in Canada. The applicant as well as the immediate family can obtain PR visa under IRCC anywhere in Canada except Quebec.


Eligibility for Entrepreneur visa Program:


You must have a qualifying business and relevant years of experience in running the business.

You should have supporting letter showing that the designated investor group is going to fund the business idea.

You should also have documents showing the ownership requirement of the business.

You should meet language skills.

You should have enough money for you and the business.

Your age and age of your spouse, if the business is taken care by the support of your spouse.

Nature and duration of the business.

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