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he Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) allows the recent graduates, skilled workers, business people, and their families to settle in Manitoba as permanent residents.

MPNP consists of following immigration streams:

1. Skilled Workers Stream: This is stream is for internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills needed in the local labor market. There are two sub-categories under this stream:

Skilled workers in Manitoba

Skilled workers Overseas

2. International Education Stream (IES): This stream is dedicated to providing international students graduation in Manitoba and meeting the needs of industry faster pathways to the nomination. The Three pathways under these streams are:

Career Employment Pathway

Graduate Internship Pathway

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

3. Business Investor Stream: This stream allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business investors and entrepreneurs from around the world to start or purchase businesses in Manitoba.

The two pathways under this stream are:

The Entrepreneur Pathway for applicants seeking to open a business in Manitoba; and

The Farm Investor Pathway for those intending to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba.

Eligibility Requirements

The requirement for the MPNP is that the applicant:

Should have a job offer letter for full time

Should have basic work experience as required by employment from Manitoba employer

Must furnish authorities with a Settlement Plan specifying interest in permanent residency in Manitoba

Should have Evidence of language proficiency (English or French)

Should have a legitimate work permit and relevant documents

Must identify their occupation as per the NOC categories –Skill type O, Skill level A and B

Should have Proof of Funds needed to settle in Manitoba

Should have Police and health clearance certificate

Application Procedure

Applicants looking to move to Canada will have to go through the channels available to potential immigrants to successfully apply for immigration. The application can be done online. Once the nomination is accepted, apply for permanent residence through IRCC. The Government of Canada makes the final decision on Permanent resident.

How we can help you?

Our in-house Canadian Immigration Consultants will help you clear any query you have regarding MPNP.

Our Consultant will guide you throughout the application process and help you with the end to end process such as explaining and preparing immigration documents checklist, helps you with forms, documentation and filing application forms, completing application procedures.

Our dedicated consultants will monitor and keep you posted on the latest status for your application.

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