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Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province by area in Canada. To seek permanent residency in Prince Edward Island the individual can apply for PEI Provincial Nominee Program. Individuals who have the intention to live and work in PEI are nominated to establish economic ability.

The different categories under PEI PNP are:

PEI Express Entry: This stream is the key part of PEI PNP in which the candidate submit the Expression of Interest in the Express Entry pool and the nomination is done by the PEI province.

Skilled worker outside Canada: Under this stream, the eligible skilled workers outside Canada will be offered a job from a PEI employer.

Skilled Worker in PEI: This stream is for eligible skilled workers working in PEI.

International Graduate: This category is for international graduates of an eligible institution in PEI who have a local job offer.

Critical Worker: This stream is for workers with experience in the in-demand occupation

Business work permit: This stream is for international business applicants who want to invest in and operate a business in PEI.

Application procedure

Once the applicant is sure of the stream to be applied, make sure to have all the relevant documents to be submitted. The application can be done online through e-filing Portal. Once the nomination is accepted, apply for permanent residence through IRCC. The Government of Canada makes the final decision on Permanent resident.

How we can help you?

Our in-house Canadian Immigration Consultants will help you clear any query you have regarding PEI PNP.

Our Consultant will guide you throughout the application process and help you with the end to end process such as explaining and preparing immigration documents checklist, helps you with forms, documentation and filing application forms, completing application procedures.

Our dedicated consultants will monitor and keep you posted on the latest status for your application.

We will be your authorized representatives at IRCC representing you throughout the case lifecycle. You can shift your focus on your travel preparation while we progress your case to the subsequent stages.

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