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Staying without your spouse in a foreign land can be difficult. If you’re already residing in Canada or if you’re a Canadian
permanent citizen and is above 18 years age, you can sponsor your spouse to stay along with you in Canada. To be able to sponsor a spouse, you need to be legally married to your spouse as per the law of the originating country and Canadian law. If you’re planning to sponsor your spouse to migrate to Canada, then here is some vital information at your fingertips.



Visa processing timing Canada:

Visa processing time for spousal sponsorship on an average is 12 months. However, it may vary from case to case and country of origin.

Processing fee:

The sponsorship fee is CAD 75 with a processing fee of CAD 475. The fee for the right of permanent residence is an additional CAD 490.

Eligibility criteria:

To apply for spousal sponsorship, you need to:

Reside in Canada

Should be at least 18 years of age

Must be a Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen

Additionally, a sponsor needs to agree to:

Support the spouse financially even if the spouse becomes a permanent resident or get divorced

The spouse needs to submit medical examination records including biometrics if the original country is Europe, Africa or the Middle East

Spouse also needs to submit a police certificate where he/she has lived


Documents needed:


While gathering your documents, check the specifications mentioned by the country where your spouse is residing. For some countries, police certificate is needed along with the application. Again, for some countries, original documents are needed instead of photocopies. In that case, you need to submit the originals or else your application will be returned. Other mandatory documents include:

Valid marriage certificate or proof of registration of your marriage from the government where your marriage took place

A valid passport as a travel document

A copy of the birth certificate

Identity proof documents

In case you’re not able to submit any particular document, mention clearly stating the purpose or else your application will be returned automatically


 Quick Tips:


We understand how eager you’re to bring in your spouse to Canada. To make your sponsorship application a little smooth, here are some quick tips which you’ll find handy:

Don’t ignore to check your country specific requirements

Elastic bands and paper clips are acceptable while submitting documents. Don’t use binders, plastic sleeves, folders, albums or staples

A record of solemnization or marriage license is not acceptable as a marriage proof

Check all the information to the best of your knowledge before validating


How we can help you?


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they monitor and keep you posted on the latest status for your application.

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