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An employer must obtain the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document before hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) for a specific job. LMIA is obtained from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and it permits the employer to hire a temporary worker.

If an assessment indicates that hiring a TFW will have a positive impact on the Canadian Labor Market, a positive LMIA will be issued by Service Canada. A positive LMIA would indicate that there is a job vacancy for the foreign worker to join. It also shows that no Canadian worker or PR is available to fill the position. Positive LMIA is sometimes called a Confirmation letter. The worker can apply for the work permit once the employer obtains the LMIA.

Some of the Temporary foreign workers that required LMIA are:

Academic: There are certain hiring criteria developed by ESDC and IRCC in co-operation with Universities, degree-granting colleges and unions representing Canadian academics. These criteria are based on career development and employment in Canadian academics. The minimum requirements are:

Educational Qualification – Postgraduate degree

Earns the majority of the income from teaching or conducting research

Agricultural: There are four streams that the foreign agricultural workers will wall:

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP): Requirements for these streams are: TFWs must be from Mexico or certain Caribbean countries Production must be included on the National Commodities List Job duties must be related to on-farm primary agriculture Position can be in both high and low skilled occupations

Agricultural Stream: Requires TFWs can be from any country Production must be included on the National Commodities List job duties must be related to on-farm primary agriculture Positions can be in the both high and low skilled occupation

Stream for Low wage Positions – The requirement are: Production is not included on the National Commodity List Employers can hire TFWs for any low wage agricultural position Stream for High wage Positions – Requirements are Production is not included on the National Commodity List Employers can hire TFWs for any high wage agricultural position

In-home Caregiver: The families in Canada have a choice of hiring caregivers to live in the home or off residence caregiver. Categories of an in-home caregiver are

Caregivers for children 18 years of age – which is low skilled positions such as home child care providers (nannies), babysitters, parent helpers

Caregivers for people with high medical needs – for elderly persons, 65 years of age and above or people with disabilities, chronic or terminal illness. This category should include both high and low skilled positions such as a registered nurse or registered psychiatric nurse, licensed practical nurse, nurse aide or patient service associate and home support worker.

Temporary worker requirements

Should be ready for full-time basis – minimum 30 hr per week

Should be comfortable to work in a private household

Meet the requirement set by ESDC and IRCC

High wage and low wage worker: Employer can appoint both low and high skilled positions based on province or territory and location. The position, wage, and location are determining factors for the employer to apply for an LMIA under this stream fir high or low wage position. The wages are determined by job requirements and duties of the associated job title defined in the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

Application procedure

Obtain a copy of the Labor Market Opinion application from the HRSDC web site. Submit the application to Service Canada with the Original Certificate of Registration issued by the Government. Service Canada assesses the application based on program criteria and develops an LMO. If the application is approved, the employer sends a copy of the LMO confirmation letter to the TFW. The TFW is now eligible to apply for Work Permit.

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