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Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) empowers the provinces of Canada to nominate the skilled professional with experience in technology, education, finance, healthcare, marketing and sales who wishes to immigrate and settle in a particular province of Canada. Under PNP a Canadian province or territory will nominate individuals. Each province has their own eligibility criteria which an immigrant need to go through for a Canadian Permanent Residency. There are plenty of opportunities for the immigrants due to the shortage of skilled workers. And the PNP when linked to Express Entry does not require any mandatory job offer.


Application procedure for PNP


Provincial Nominee Programs across all provinces is a two step process since all the final immigration decisions are made by the federal government and not the provincial government.


1. Apply to the province for provincial nomination:

Find out the eligibility – Using PNP live tracker, check for the available PNPs and determine the eligibility among the many available options.

PNP Application – Submit the application to the province or territory. If you are eligible, you will receive an official provincial nomination certificate

2. Submit application to the IRCC for Canadian PR visa.

Express Entry System: If you were nominated through an Express Entry –aligned PNP, apply for the PR through Express Entry which again is of two ways:

After you are nominated by the province or territory, create an Express Entry profile or update your profile if it already exists

Create an Express Entry profile and then submit the application for the PNP. When the province sends a notification of interest, contact them and then apply through Express Entry system.

Paper-base application: The processing time is usually longer than through the Express Entry system. Once you get nominated by the provinces through non-Express Entry system, apply for Canada PR visa.


Documents required for PNP


Check for Province that you are applying for any province specific document requirements

Recent photos

Original Passport

Educational qualification documents

Experience certificates

Police record

Recent medical reports

Other supporting documents



How we can help you?


Our in-house Canadian Immigration Consultants will help you clear any query you may have regarding the provincial immigration programs.

Our Consultant will guide you throughout the application process and help you with the end to end process such as explaining and preparing immigration documents checklist, helps you with forms, documentation and filing application forms, completing application procedures.

Our dedicated consultants will monitor and keep you posted on the latest status for your application.

We will be your authorized representatives at IRCC representing you throughout the case lifecycle. You can shift your focus on your travel preparation while we progress your case to the subsequent stages.

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